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About Us

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eCommerce Great Again

Epost is a technology enabler provider in Southeast Asia bringing brands and retailers online to reach out consumers in the world’s fastest growing region. Aimed to simplify backend eCommerce operations for businesses of all sizes, Epost provides eCommerce enabling software for warehouse management, order management, inventory management, omnichannel solutions and multichannel sales.

Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of online sellers, retailers, and brands across the industry. We are proud to have served over 160,000 registered customers globally.

Whatever your business needs, and wherever your products begin or end their journey, Epost has years of expertise to take care of them and deliver them in optimal condition.

Join Our Dream Team

It's an audacious, incredibly rewarding mission that our increasingly diverse team is dedicated to achieving. Epost believes that information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. To that end, we empower millions of people around the world to use their passions and talents to build their dreams in our space.

Exciting challenges lie ahead in new regions, technologies, and businesses. Guided by core values, we'll meet these challenges creatively and with the support of our global community. Join us!