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Epost Terms of Use

Compensate & Return Policy

Product Less In Quantity Issue :

Please verify the issue with us within 48 hours after receiving the parcel. We will contact the shipping agent (China Warehouse and China Local Shipping Agent) to verify the issue during working hours. If the issue is verified within our responsibility, we will compensate the amount calculated based on the item value with maximum compensation limit (Maximum limit is USD 25 for item).

Missing Parcel During Delivery :

Amount of compensation is calculated based on item value with a maximum limit of USD 25.

Switched Or Wrong Parcel :

Compensation is available if the issue happens with our responsibility. We will compensate the amount calculated based on the item value with the maximum compensation limit and resend the item without any charges to the customer (maximum limit is USD 25).

Missing In China Warehouse :

Compensation is available if the warehouse has failed to locate your registered parcel. Compensation amount is the maximum limit is USD 25 of item.

Custom Reject Issue :

Forbidden item and uncertain declaration will result in a custom reject issue and compensation is not available. Customers are required to ensure the item shipped is legal and declare the item accordingly. Additional cost to release the item or reship the item has to be responsible by the customer (Customer who regularly has this issue will be blacklisted by our company).


For all compensation requests, customers are required to submit the issue to us within one week (7 days). Failure to submit the issue within the duration will not be considered. All submitted issues will be verified within two weeks. All compensation will be compensated in credit coupon.